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Identifying Place Value Practice

Posted on : 08-06-2009 | By : InteractiveEducator | In : Place Value



The website:


Mystery NumbersClassroom applications:

1)      Whole Class Practice:  Use the website to build numbers by placing each digit in the correct place value location.


2)      Individual Activity:  Have each student write down a number of their choice. (Set parameters for how many digits the number should contain.)  Then, have each student write directions, similar to the whole class practice activity, that someone else could follow to create that number by placing digits in the correct place value locations.


3)      Partner Activity:  Pair the students and have them take turns reading their directions and creating each others’ numbers.  This can also be done as a group or whole class activity.


4)      Extension:  For a challenge, instead of telling the digits that are included in the number, have the students create directions that give clues for each digit.  For example:  Place a number in the ones place that when multiplied by two equals six but when added to two equals five.  Place a number in the tens place that equals the number of days in a week.