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Introducing Idioms

Posted on : 02-07-2009 | By : InteractiveEducator | In : Figurative Language



The websites:

Classroom Applications:

1)  Whole Class Activity:  Discuss with your students the difference between literal and figurative.  Then, use the illustrations and text box prompts from the first website to introduce idioms.  Practice deciphering the meaning of each idiom using sentence contextYou Idiom Screen Shot clues as a whole class.

2Extension:  For students already familiar with common idioms and in need of a challenge, use the second website.  See if your students can identify each idiom when it is described with animal references.

3)  Individual Assignment:  Have your students choose an idiom from the third website and create a literal illustration of that idiom.  Instruct them write the idiom and its meaning on the back of their illustration.  Then, have students share and discuss their idioms in pairs or groups.

4)  Literature Connection:  More Parts and Even More Parts both by Tedd Arnold are fun read alouds to review and reinforce the concept of idioms.