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2-D Shape Characteristics

Posted on : 16-07-2009 | By : InteractiveEducator | In : 2-D Shapes



The websites:

Classroom Applications:

Whole Class Activities:  Review 2-D shape attributes as a whole class with the first website by directing shapes into the correct gates.  Give each student a green square of construction paper and a red square of construction paper.  Each student votes on the answer to each attribute question by holding up their green square for “yes” and their red square for “no”.  The class answers the questions based on the majority vote.

Get your students to think critically about shape attributes with the second website.  Use the spotlight to show only a corner of a shape.  Have the students write down their shape guess, and then share their reasoning with the class.  Encourage your students to discuss why a shape with a right angle may be a square, a rectangle, or a trapezoid.   Encourage them to think about what attributes shapes have in common and what attributes make them unique.  Once the students have guessed and justified their predictions, share more of the shape and have them revise their guesses.  Discuss what they saw that made them revise their guess.  Finally, have the students create a drum roll by tapping their hands on their desks to build suspense, and then reveal the shape.shape-classification-screen-shot

Partner Activity:  Have students pair up at computers and play level 1 of the game from the third website.  Students are encouraged to identify all of the shapes on their game board that posses the given attribute.  Outline the rules that students must take turns (alternate) identifying shapes and that they must both agree they have completed their search before pressing the check button.

Challenge:  Have students needing an additional challenge?  Choose level 2 of the game from the third website.  These students will need to identify all of the shapes on their game board that posses the given attribute without the assistance of pictures.