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Alien Scavenger Hunt

Posted on : 18-12-2009 | By : InteractiveEducator | In : Making Words



The website: 

Classroom Applications:

Alien Scavenger HuntPartner Activity:  Use the above website as an individual or partner activity.  As a partner activity, have students blast the letters that create the word they hear read aloud.


Whole Class Activity:  Create your own whole class practice game based on the above website using words you are studying.   Choose one of the words and write letters from that word along with random letters on the board to create letter soup.  Choose a student to use a water squirt gun filled with colored water to squirt the correct letters to create the word you say aloud.


Alternative:  Write letters from your chosen word on separate index cards.  Give those index cards along with index cards containing random letters to a group of students.  As those students walk across the front of the classroom quickly, have a chosen student zap the index cards with a laser pointer that create the given word.  Once a student is zapped, they back out of the line, but stay at the front of the room.  Students make a second loop if necessary to zap all of the correct letters.  If a letter is incorrectly zapped, all previously zapped letters rejoin the line and must be zapped again.

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Alien Scavenger hunt (and Gamegoo in general) is a favorite for my students every year. When they get a free day first through third graders flock to Gamegoo. Your ideas for using Alien Scavenger Hunt as a whole class activity are wonderful.

Gamegoo has so many “cute” and educational games for the primary kids. Thanks for your comment!