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Magnetic Poetry

Posted on : 07-04-2011 | By : InteractiveEducator | In : Poetry


magnetic-poetryIn honor of national poetry month, here are five sites for creating masterpieces with magnetic poetry. 

Classroom Applications:

Magnetic poetry can be a wonderful tool to encourage students to begin exploring poetry who may be reluctant writers or who just aren’t interested in the genre.   Sometimes it is helpful for students who have trouble getting started or making decisions to have a closed set of words to work with.   And magnetic poetry can expand a student’s writing by providing word choice options that may not be part of his/her everyday vocabulary.  Furthermore, simply using technology is often a motivational tool.

If students are working with the same set of words, having students share their poetry can provide an opportunity to compare and contrast and can inspire a discussion of word choice.

While magnetic poetry is not a substitute for writing a poem from scratch, it can be a tool to gain student interest in the genre and to encourage guided exploration of the craft.starrmatica-banner-ad-38001