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Alien Scavenger HuntAlien Scavenger Hunt The website:  http://www.earobics.com/gamegoo/games/alien/ash.html Classroom Applications: Partner Activity:  Use the above website as an individual or partner...


Techniques for Engaging All StudentsTechniques for Engaging All Students When using interactive online resources, often you may want students to respond to a question you have displayed with your LCD projector or on your interactive whiteboard. ...


Ordered Pairs StoriesOrdered Pairs Stories   The websites:  http://resources.oswego.org/games/BillyBug/bugcoord.html (Copyrighted by Mark Cogan) http://resources.oswego.org/games/BillyBug2/bug2.html (Copyrighted...


Justification for Teaching with Interactive ContentJustification for Teaching with Interactive Content In this age of accountability, it is more important than ever to be able to justify the tools and techniques we use in our classrooms with solid research.  So, not only am...


Categorizing Interactive ContentCategorizing Interactive Content After I had been teaching with online resources in my classroom for a few weeks, I began to notice that the interactive content I was searching for fell into four distinct...



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